Who Are the Legal Heirs of a Deceased Person in the Philippines

Hi Atty, my father`s brother died without a will and has no spouse or children. There are two siblings, but one died with two children. Should his property be divided into two halves between the families of the two siblings, or will my father and the deceased brother`s two children each receive a third? Is there a particular law that I can refer to? Thank you po. These heirs and the amount they inherit are determined by law if there is no will and even if there is a will. What happens if the deceased is single and there is no will, how is the property divided? How will businesses be divided? To add: No legal adoption has been carried out. My father simply recognized them and gave them his last name. What happens if the property is spousal support and the surviving spouse has not given birth to children, while the deceased has 4 children? At the end of the conjugal accessory and the ndi naliquidate yung of the property in 6 months after death, without a will, does the surviving spouse have the right to sell part of the accessory? And if the surviving spouse had also died, how would the inheritance go? The values of gifts to obligated heirs are credited (i.e. deducted) from their legal values, unless the donor has declared that “no compilation will take place”, meaning that the values of the donations will be deducted from the free part. Donations to people who are not obligatorial heirs are always credited to the free part. If the total value of the donations exceeds the free part, they are considered unofficial, in which case the excess must be returned to the obligated heirs. The law provides for the restitution of property of the same type, class and quality, as far as possible. A friend of mine bought a property from her late mother.

Most of her property has been given to her and her siblings at home want to sell all the inherited properties, including her own, which she was really against and had told them she was against. The problem is that the title has not yet been transferred to the name. What legal steps should it take to ensure that none of them can sell their inherited properties in the Philippines? If she were to hire a local lawyer in the Philippines, would she have to file an affidavit to freeze a sales process? How much would this process cost? Hello Atty, ask ko lang po and if the owner of the land was dead, and all his 8 children, we also died, and his wife. I assumed that all his siblings were also dead. Ano Po MGA needs na kunin sa mga natirang heirs like Apo & sa tuhod for insurance na walang babawi po ng land. Et ano po dapat gawin/execute? Maraming Salamat po atty. Godbless po. My mother-in-law left a sum of money.

She currently has three surviving children and two deceased. I am the legal wife of one of the deceased children, I can still receive part of my monthly allowance in law. We have no children from my late husband. I look forward to your response. Article 16 Immovable property and personal property shall be governed by the law of the country in which it is situated. Here is my question that my family had a proepsity that was passed down from generation to generation. We have a member there who has spas with our names on them, three brothers and so we are not only told that it should be removed from the certificate that was supposed to be sold a month ago at the end of August, but we are also told that we need to send new spas with our wife`s signatures. Because we have listed them on our spas as our wife that they are. My question is how long does the process take to remove a deceased person (aunt) from the law. I know you can get a request for termination because she is dead. But my whole problem now is that it has gone from the roertys that were sold at the beginning of this summer to the end of the summer and now we don`t get a timeline that I actually get to the point of hiring someone who can legally start the process and who will keep me informed. Note that I was asked for my account number more than a month ago so that the money would be sent by the end of August, hardly knowing when.

If a married daugjter dies childless and her only property is 1/3 interest in property inherited from deceased parents (the remaining 2/3 is in the name of the children of deceased siblings), will the surviving inherut calm all property? What happens if the spouse is also deceased, the siblings of the deceased spouse inherit the property Estate is a type of acquisition by which property, rights and obligations to the extent of the value of a person`s inheritance are transferred by death to another by will or by operation of law. On the other hand, if the deceased is illegitimate [irregular order], here is the legal order of succession that is applicable, namely: On another point, however, if one of the heirs of the deceased is a child or an illegitimate child, they cannot exclude the legitimate parents. They coincide with them and with the surviving spouse if the deceased has no children, children or descendants in the marriage. My father passed away recently. He had no will. There are 4 heirs: 4 heirs: 3 legitimate children and the surviving spouse. I was told that the surviving spouse inherits 62.5% of the estate. It`s true? I have read here that the estate is divided equally among all heirs. Thank you. If the parent or landlord did not write a will before his or her death, the law is enacted. This is called intestate.

If the deceased has an immediate family or other relatives who are still alive, the real estate is automatically handed over to him. However, if the deceased no longer has relatives, all real estate is immediately transferred to government property. If the heirs claim an amnesty for inheritance tax, what will be the amount of inheritance tax? If the testator has an illegitimate child, he has the possibility to legally transfer real estate to him, since illegitimate children are not legally required to inherit property, unless this is indicated and signed in a notarial will. .